ENJOY the best of Bali adventure as an unforgettable journey through lush jungle scenery and deep river gorges led by Indonesia’s top rafting level. Rafting is one of the best ways to see things you normally can’t, namely one of Bali’s last original rainforests. This excursion is just dangerous enough to be scary but it’s not life-threatening.

First you’ll descend a twisting hillside track to the river where you receive a stern safety lecture about water safety, rafting commands, and what to do if the raft capsizes. It’s all very safe with high-standard bright yellow helmets, paddles and life jackets required – plus insurance coverage.

At start site you will be outfitted with helmets and life-jackets, and must be worn during the action. After a brief instruction on paddling and river safety, you are off to the longest and best rafting trip on the river. Your safety is always the top priority and they use equipments that are well maintained.

If you’re with a young group, there’s lots of splashing, passenger dunking, and raft bumping, so if you want a sedate experience choose a group of older thrill-seekers. The trip is a botanist’s delight and the safest means to enjoy nature really close up. Sadly, you won’t see much wildlife. But, experienced on the river and in surround panoramic, will assure you of an unforgettable adventure experience.

Before you start planning your rafting experience in Bali, follow the instruction: rafting tips, and where to raft

Rafting Tip :

ENJOY a screaming sensation along the river-flow; feel your heart beat faster then ever on a natural “water-slide” and refresh your mind by seeing natural gardens along the riverside. Test your courage while jumping from three-meter waterflow and pass the waterfall. All can be enjoyed in Bali’s rafting. Before you start planning your journey in Bali’s river, check out the tips below:

Before you go :

  • Bring a change of clothes, small towel, shorts or swimming costume, sunscreen, hat, rubber-soled shoes or sandals
  • Wear light clothes or bathers. Beware of clothes with non fast colors.Wear light clothes or bathers. Beware of clothes with non fast colors.
  • Wear runners or strapped sandals if possible.
  • Wear a pair of T-shirts and short pants or swimsuit. (You get wet!)
  • Waterproof plastic bags are given to all participants so that you can carry cameras and other belongings.

Choosing the Company

Several professionally-run companies operate on the Ayung River, northwest of Ubud, and Unda River, north of Klungkung. They will pick you up in the morning from your hotel, drive you in an air-conditioned van to the start point, give you a cup of tea or coffee and some basic training, scare the living daylights out of you, insult your stomach’s woes with some food and drinks, then take you back to your hotel again.

There are three of kind when we can to book a raft, such are morning rafting, afternoon rafting, and late afternoon rafting. When you raft in the afternoon or less, you can pass on the savings to you with a large discount. This is exactly the same as morning rafting tour, except in the less busy time of early afternoon. Pick up times are morning, midday, afternoon and twilight depend on area.

Getting a Best Deal

Price in US Dollars includes on your trip: Hotel transfers via short scenic drive to starting point, welcome drinks and snacks, internationally acclaimed fitted with approved safety foot cups, hand ropes and all safety equipment, shower facilities with hot and cold water, bath towel, changing rooms, restaurant service, buffet lunch, and also insurance coverage.

Safety Hints

The facilities are international standard, including helmets and life jackets. Each self-bailing raft holds 4 to 6 people, depending on size. The captains are well trained and extremely capable but also know how to have fun. They have pulleys, throw-bags, and first-aid kits and know how to use them. Professional guides trained in best practice safety techniques and first aid.Guides undertake training in the flora and fauna of Bali to help make your adventure not only exciting but also educational and interesting. River guides are practi ced and professionally trained to meet the standards of the American Whitewater Affiliation. They are also proficient in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and are equipped with emergency first aid and rescue units. For your safety, they always work in teams

This full day tour is only apt for people in good physical condition, and apt for people between the ages of 7-65. You may help rowing and absorb your raft down the wild river, upon guide directions. In spite of the first sharp bend, the overall run is ideal for kids because the river is shallow. If the raft turns over you can just stand up. Two snapshots of your gasping, yelling group are provided. The action will truly test your stamina.

Whitewater rafting tours in Bali are not all the same. Some rivers are situated in various parts of the island and you may be required to spend up to 5 hours on return tour trips. All rivers in Bali are class II to III, but may rise to class IV in the wet season (November to March).



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